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Name Grade
Scratch Jr 1-3

Junior scratch is a drag and drop program designed for the youngest of kids. If they can use a mouse we can teach them how to start programming using pictures.

Scratch 4-6

Video games are often the first and most memorable experience children have with computers. This class is about taking the fun of video games and using it to teach programming! Every lesson participants will learn and expand coding skills while using their critical and analytical skills to make video games, all of which can be taken home!.

Junior Python 3-5

Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that`s easy to learn and fun to use. Python for kids easily brings kids into the world of programming. Turtle graphics and tKinter allow students to enjoy making fun graphics, create music and game and animation projects while learning Python language basics. A fun way for a young child to get introduced to coding!

Python 6+

One of the most powerful programing languages, python is an excellent first scripting language for intermediate or older students looking to program. Used in web and internet development, the scientific community for modelling and analysis, used by big companies like Google, Facebook, NASA, and Dropbox! With python students will learn to program computers, create games in a fun and highly interactive series of projects.

Java Minicraft 5-7

Minecraft isn’t just a great video game, but a great tool to learn to code! If your child likes minecraft then they will LOVE this course where they will learn to modify and customize the game! What could be better than playing Minecraft than having the ability to add a level of customization to the most popular sandbox game out there! This course will teach all the important things a programmer needs to learn and know about programming such as objects, classes, loops, and graphic design.

Java 6+

An incredibly versatile programming language that everyone has used and now you can learn to program it! Campers will learn to work in this powerful work environment from the basics of objects, classes data types and more! Campers will dive into the eclipse IDE platform and from day one start producing programs, games and applets.

IoT/ Technology

Name Grade
IoT Rockets 5+

Houston is famous for space science and all things rocketry. Now a course in hands on building, design and experimentation for building rockets. As we explore the history of rocketry, we will build rocket engines, build rockets, and even launch rockets hundreds of feet into the air! This is blast of a class.

RC Planes 6+

Come and learn how things fly by creating a multitude of flying machines. Kites, gliders, hover craft and even radio controlled machines that take to the air. Not only will we build these flying machines but learn how and why they work. Through experimentation, guided builds and a lot of hands-on activities this fun filled class will have young campers flying high long past the course.

Raspberry Pi 6+

Everyone has used a computer, but has your student built one from scratch? Well with this Raspberry Pi course students will learn to assemble a collection of scrap parts into a fully working computer! While exploring RAM, I/0 busses, CPU and other terminology students will learn and expand python programming needed to develop their raspberry pi into an incredible machine.

Arduino 6+

Computers have become so cheap that with an Arduino almost any gadget is possible. From a smart door openers, home security cameras, and almost anything else with the Internet of Things (IOT). This class will take advanced students through a series of projects and programming steps as students create some amazing gadgets while learning all the skills they need to continue their learning at home.

Quadcopters 6+

This Exciting class teaches the fundamentals of aerodynamics and forces involved in flying quadcopters. Not only will students learn to fly and control drones, but they will learn how they work by MAKING THEIR OWN DRONE! What could be cooler than building a drone that flies!

3D Printing 3-5

Have you heard of the newest craze in the technology industry? This isn’t science fiction, companies are taking this technology to print bridges, houses and more. Now you can learn the basics of 3D printing for the home and hobby use through a series of projects to teach the critical skills of engineering and CAD design. Students will learn to design physical objects in the digital world and how to print them in the real world.

App Development

Name Grade
Android A




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