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SMART Chemistry K-5

Chemistry is a fun, messy and interactive science! Here the campers will learn all about chemical reactions, and why things go boom! We will learn about chromatography by making T-Shirts, endothermic and exothermic reactions, phase changes and even make our own creations of wacky fun projects like non-newtonian fluids, ice cream, and toothpaste for elephants!


Name Grade
SMART Circuits 1-4

A great introduction to electricity and circuits for our younger students. We will build our own circuits and explore the world of electronics and circuits through a progression of projects and activities that will keep your kids excited and asking for more! These take home projects will teach not only what electricity is, but how it works.

Electronic fundamentals 5+

What better way to learn about electricity than by building circuits yourself! This program will walk the youngest students through a series of projects involving playdough, lights, and even building their own robots. We will explore all sorts of areas of electronics from motors, solar cells, radios and a variety of other electronic componets.

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