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Name Grade
Dot & Dash K-1

Think coding is a skill learned lazily behind a computer screen? Think again! This program will prove otherwise with a pair of robots that are as mobile and excited as the kids who learn to program them. An ideal platform for young learners to get a fundamental understanding of coding, critical thinking, problem solving and a having a wild time while doing it! Students will drive their robots, play games with them, program the robots to dance and tell jokes!

WeDo 1-3

A foundational course in computer science is all about creating the fundamental building blocks students need to have a successful journey of digital fluency. WeDo is a great first step for the youngest of programmers, using the most famous blocks of all, LEGO®, students will get introduced to the essential skills needed for future programing. Students will build birds, boats, planes and even alligators while discovering how gears work, the function of pulleys and an introduction to programing. That’s right, even non-readers will learn to program their robots to use a variety of sensors and utilize motors, conditionals and loops.

EV3 4-7

What do you get when you cross LEGO®, robots and a series of challenges and puzzles designed to challenge and motivate any middles-schooler? Lego Mindstormers® that’s what! This program is well suited for the experienced and inexperienced programmer. We have gone all out to prepare a program that will incrementally teach programing and critical thinking skills while participants play, build, design and program their way through games, puzzles, and challenges.

Vex 8-12

This is the epitome of robotic platforms. Famous for its yearly regional and international competitions, VEX® Robotics systems allow for intermediate and advanced students to push the boundaries of what you think you can do with a collection of metal trusses, sensors and motors. All done in C, this advanced course is perfect for experienced students looking to pursue a career in computer science or robotics.

Flyweight combat robotics

Name Grade
Creating a Flyweight combat robot 3-5

Learn the requirements for a flyweight combat robot for weight and construction, then look at some existing designs. Students can use these or create something original of their own.









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