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Birthday Party & Company Events

Don’t just have any party, experience a SMART Party! Let your kids enjoy one of our many HANDS-ON party themes. Each activity gives partygoers the chance to use SCIENCE to have fun! Party at our LAB or at your Event Hall, Park, or House. Don’t hire a babysitter for your next Office Party, Fundraiser, or other event, hire us and we’ll make sure your kids have a fun and productive evening!

Celebrate Birthday

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Base Pricing

Base Pricing

$250 – 2 hours of activities

1 Birthday boy or girl + 10 friends

$10/additional child

$75 SMART Core Labs Facility Usage fee includes:

  • - Refrigerator
  • - Microwave
  • - Oven
  • - Tables
  • - Chairs

Themed events (Movie, TV, Storybook, etc.) upon request


Name Ages
WeDo Spinning Top Tournament 6-8

Build a spinning robot and challenge your friends to see who’s top will endure!

Ev3 Robo Tank Battle 8-12

Battle your very own Robo Tank built on the Lego Ev3 Mindstorms platform. Learn to code your robot and complete a series of challenges to determine the ultimate engineer!


Name Ages
Paper Robots 6-10

Learn about electricity and express your creativity when you craft a light-up paper robot!


Name Ages
Dry IceCream 6-12

Exciting chemistry and delicious ice cream, what could be better than that? Join your friends in mixing dry ice with your favorite flavors while learning about states of matter!

Magnetic Slime 6-12

Oopy Gloopy Magnetic Slime. This ferrous mix takes your ordinary slime to the next level!

Chemistry Road Show 6-12

Demonstrations and hand-on experiments that will make your party a BLAST!

Dino Discovery

Name Ages
-- 6-12

Enter our SMART Time Machine and take a trip to the era of the Dinosaurs. When you get back discover their fossil remains and then make your own fossil!

Detective You, Searching for Clues

Name Ages
-- 6-12

Use science to solve a mystery. Bring your friends to uncover the hidden clues!

Flying Drones Challenge

Name Ages
-- 6-12

Flying Drones Challenge (ages 8-15) Fly through hurdles and speed across the track with a drone! You create the track and the rules!









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